Junior triathlon squad

Welcome to the Dan McTainsh junior triathlon squad.  We are a Triathlon Australia affiliated squad coached by myself.  I started my coaching career back in 2009, when I obtained my level 1 Triathlon coaching accreditation and I’m now a Performance level, Triathlon Australia coach.  I’ve personally coached a number of athletes from short course triathlon all the way up to having multiple Ironman finishers but my real passion is for junior coaching!  I'm a big believer in having fun while developing the necessary skills to allow juniors to not only enjoy their training and racing but to also equip them with the skills and abilities needed to be competitive.

Please click on the link below for our term 2 2022 Training schedule.  For this term we're running 2-3 weekly sessions ranging from swim squad, run squads and road riding and bike skills.


Run squad 

Based out of the South Pine Sports Complex, in term 2 2022, we'll be doing a mixture of interval and fartlek style training.  These sessions will be approximately 3-5k in distance total.

Swim squad

These sessions are perfect for juniors who have had limited exposure to a swim squad environment.  We usually do about 2k of distance total with a mix of stroke correction and intervals.  These sessions are based out of the Albany Creek Leisure Centre.

Road ride + run off the bike

These are done on Sunday mornings starting from the South Pine Sports Complex, Brendale.  For juniors who are road competent these are a great introduction to help start building proper cycling fitness and road riding skills in a low traffic environment.  Distance will be approximately 25-30k with a race pace run off the bike afterwards.

Bike skills

This session is held after the Sunday road ride/run off.  Mainly aimed at the juniors newer to cycling to help them build the individual skills and confidence needed to further progress to road cycling when they are older.


Session fees are $20 (incl GST) for casual one off sessions or $190 (incl GST) for TA members and $350 (incl GST) for NON-TA members for the full term, unlimited sessions.  Family discounts available please enquire.



To get started simply send me an email to coaching@dan-mctainsh.com.au or phone/sms to 0430 483 807 and let me know which sessions your son/daughter is interested in and I'll get you all setup to start.