CUSTOMISED PROGRAMS - Online Coaching with Head Coach Dan

About Coach Dan 

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Things I will factor into your plan:

Life still goes on around your training, it's imperative that we craft a plan the works
in harmony with your home and work life patterns.

Training Age
More important than your chronological age is your Training age. As part of
your consultation session, I'll map out your fitness history and experience,
this will help ensure I include the key sessions and skills that you need to develop 

Your Story So Far
People draw motivation from different sources and respond to different training stimuli based on their personal life experiences. Having an understanding of your background gives me vital information which informs whether certain programming methods will work for you. 
These plans are unique and crafted in consultation with you
using my 360º planning methodology. Then you are all set to get training
Contact me here to book your 360º planning session. 


What’s included with your customised program:


Individualised online program delivered in 4 weekly “blocks”.  Over many years we’ve trialled different ways of delivering online programs and have found 4 weekly blocks of training to be the optimal structure for online coaching.  This gives the athlete enough time to plan ahead whilst not getting too far ahead that the program becomes obsolete 

Goal setting and planning

Upon signing up you’ll get an initial phone or in person (if local) coaching consultation.  In this consult we’ll discuss your main racing goals, weekly training availability, training and racing history and any other lifestyle factors so we can produce the most efficient and effective program possible 


As part of your monthly fees you have the opportunity, towards the end of your ‘block’ of training, to link up with me via phone or email and we can dive into your completed block of training in more detail and then also plan the way forward with your next block of training.


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