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The BEST thing a triathlete can do in their off season

For a triathlete what’s one of the best things you can be doing in the off season? If I were to rate my top 3 it would be:1. Strength training2. Rest & Relaxation3. Skill development Being what I consider to be the number one, let us talk a little about strength training and how you can periodise it through your training year. One of the biggest challenges for a triathlete trying to incorporate strength training into their routine is that it’s another layer of stress and fatigue that if not programmed correctly can have a negative impact on your swim, bike and run. For example, if you go full nuts in the gym on squat day, there’s no way you...

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Indoor cycling quick guide for triathletes

 I’ve been running indoor cycling training sessions on a weekly basis now for a number of years.  In this time I think I’ve seen just about every type of indoor session and its variation.  From a triathletes’ perspective I thought it would be good to pinpoint the key types of sessions that triathletes should focus on when doing indoor training in order to get the most out of your sessions. Regardless of whether you’re doing short course or long course racing I believe focusing on 3 types of indoor sessions will give your triathlon cycling a real boost. Different coaches will use different terminology for these types of sessions but for this article I’m going with VO2max, functional power and...

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