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Who Dares Wins

A motto founded by the British SAS, describes the mindset required to win when confronted with a formidable adversary.  One thing I regret from my time in the military was not having a crack at “selection.”  I chose another pathway which had its own challenges but unfortunately took this opportunity away. Despite this I was afforded other opportunities to interact with Special Forces personnel and I got a sniff of what made these guys tick and an insight into the “Who Dares Wins” philosophy.  The simplest way to explain it is like an air of supreme confidence which to the uneducated would seem like arrogance.  But it’s the type of confidence that comes from absolutely knowing that you have the...

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Preparing for race day

Yesterday's Port Macquarie Ironman re-ignited a discussion I have with fellow coaches and athletes about training for this kind of racing.  We're often asking ourselves if we've done enough training or what is actually enough training? With the rain, wind and cold that turned on athletes yesterday another layer of difficulty was added to the event, on top of the task of completing 226k of racing.  And that is toughness.  This is a trait that not all people possess but can definitely be learnt.  As a coach I know instantly whether an athlete has this or not.  Athletes who shy away from new things whether it be a skill, riding route or inclement weather are generally the ones who are...

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