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Indoor cycling quick guide for triathletes

 I’ve been running indoor cycling training sessions on a weekly basis now for a number of years.  In this time I think I’ve seen just about every type of indoor session and its variation.  From a triathletes’ perspective I thought it would be good to pinpoint the key types of sessions that triathletes should focus on when doing indoor training in order to get the most out of your sessions. Regardless of whether you’re doing short course or long course racing I believe focusing on 3 types of indoor sessions will give your triathlon cycling a real boost. Different coaches will use different terminology for these types of sessions but for this article I’m going with VO2max, functional power and...

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Confused about nutrition for triathlon?

It's funny, for a long time there I was obsessed with race nutrition and trying to get it right.  Calculating calories, CHO and fluid intake etc trying to work out everything in detail to make sure I had enough energy to get my through my events. Then I stumbled upon a little secret which has now made everything so easy.  I'll tell you about that later...  The field of nutrition seems to be never ending and the research we are presented with always seems to be changing and we never seem to have the one answer.  One week its high carb diets, other weeks its low carb/high fat and the next its Paleo.  It's always changing and always confusing.  When...

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5 Simple things you can do right NOW to improve your cycling

If you're struggling to find ways to improve your bike fitness or if you're putting too much thought into it, then here are some very simple but effective ways to improve your cycling fitness right now. Do 1 extra ride per week. Here I’m not talking about going for a big ride like you are probably already doing on a weekend.  Try and schedule this extra ride during a week day and allocate about 1hr for this ride.  Cycling is an endurance sport so we do need to always be looking to increase our volume.  If you add this extra 1hr up over the course of a year than you’ll be doing an extra 52 hours/approx. 1400km extra per year....

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