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What do I do if I miss a training session?

Even the most committed athlete is going to miss training days.  For reasons outside of his/her control, things such as sickness, family issues etc will always come up and its just something that has to be dealt with.  Some would call these the "uncontrollables."  However, what you can control is how you deal with these mentally and also how you adjust your training program.   Having one or two days off training is not the end of the world.  In fact if you're body is incapable of getting through a session or is screaming out for a sleep in then it could quite possibly be the best thing to do, even if your program says otherwise.  What we don't want...

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Confused about nutrition for triathlon?

It's funny, for a long time there I was obsessed with race nutrition and trying to get it right.  Calculating calories, CHO and fluid intake etc trying to work out everything in detail to make sure I had enough energy to get my through my events. Then I stumbled upon a little secret which has now made everything so easy.  I'll tell you about that later...  The field of nutrition seems to be never ending and the research we are presented with always seems to be changing and we never seem to have the one answer.  One week its high carb diets, other weeks its low carb/high fat and the next its Paleo.  It's always changing and always confusing.  When...

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