Ironman Cairns 2016 Recap

A quick recap of last week in Cairns.  For myself it was my 5th Ironman with a goal of being competitive for a Kona roll down spot in my age group 35-39.  Still alot to learn about running a marathon off the bike but some encouraging aspects to the race having swum an ok time for the rough conditions and riding a 7min PB in blustery wind.  The run was a meltdown.

Super impressed with, now 2 time Ironman finisher, Martin Hull.  3 years ago he did his first down in Port Macquarie with a time of 12:20.  Last Sunday at Cairns Ironman he smashed that out of the park in all areas.  a 1hr 20min personal best!  He swam 7mins quicker in much, much, much worse conditions, rode like a demon, riding close to 1hr quicker and then joining the 10% club by running a sub 4hr marathon and smiling the whole way!

Ironman virgin, Janine the machine didn't have everything go her way with some bike issues which took a long time to rectify.  She held her own in the tough swim conditions and for someone who only 2 years ago was in learn to swim classes with 5 year olds, I am absolutely amazed by her progress.  Now that the cobwebs have been blown we'll surely see some impressive things to come in the future out of this women.

In the 70.3 Tracey had a solid day out.  Still alot we can do with her swim but all in all its another race experience in challenging conditions which will hold her strong for future races.

Everytime I do these races I am further encouraged by the community in our sport.  To go out there and suffer with a thousand other people is something I love!  It binds us all together.  The complexity of this event is something I am constantly learning about and every race that goes by is an opportunity to further refine our approaches to get us to our potential.

If you are looking at competing in a long course triathlon in the near future, get in touch with me as I love the challenge that comes with every athlete and just as with Martin Hull at Ironman Cairns, I get endless joy and excitement see someone make such a transformation.


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