Gold Coast marathon

Now that the Gold Coast marathon festival is done and dusted it’s a timely reminder just how bloody hard marathons are but also just how addictive they are aswell!  Just about everyone hits the wall around the 30k mark and from then on no amount of training can really prepare you for the ensuing 12k.  So how do you best prepare for that or make it so that you can get through that period without hurting.  The truth is you can’t.  Regardless of your ability or training, if you’re pacing yourself correctly to achieve performance, than you are right on a knife edge.  Marathons are a process of learning, hard work and experience.  I always reflect on my 12 marathons (5 of which were Ironman marathons) and the process I went through.  Using this experience over 14 years has seen me complete my first marathon in 4:56 to my most recent standard marathon in 3:12 in Queenstown.

I was impressed today to be able to see 2 people I coach complete the Gold Coast half marathon with a 16min PB and the marathon with a 38min PB!  Significant gains and still a lot more that I can squeeze out of them. 

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