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The ONE piece of advice all women who take up cycling need to hear

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese proverb. Picture this.  It’s Saturday morning 6am and you’re meeting up with all your ride buddies for your regular weekend long ride and post ride coffee.  Yep life’s great.  Your bunchie sets off and you’ve got the crisp morning air rushing past your face as you descend your first hill and the ride buddy next to you is happily chatting away but you can’t hear a damn thing over the wind and all you can say is ‘oh yeah?’ as you hope they don’t probe you for a more detailed response.  And then psssssssssssss.. The...

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Make your swim set count

   image credit - Kenley Griffith Make your swim sets count It’s true the more you swim the better you get… up to a point.  If all you do is swim volume then I’m sure there’s time wasted that could have better been spent putting in effort guided by targeted time based intervals. If you feel like any of the below questions apply to you then keep reading. Are you a one speed swimmer?  Are you struggling to get faster? Do you focus more on the other legs to gain time because so little time can be made up in the swim? Well have a look at what you are doing during your swim sets.  If the bulk of your...

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Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail

I don’t know where I got this quote from or whether I just made it up.  Regardless it succinctly sums up my general feelings about triathlon training.  One day your kicking goals and taking names and then nekminit, bin.  Building our endurance foundation requires day in day out training and we subject our bodies to widely fluctuating variables such as energy levels, muscle soreness, motivation levels, weather etc.  We simply can’t expect to be fully fuelled and super motivated for each and every session we do as there is always some level of fatigue being carried from session to session.  And this is by design.  Endurance training’s ultimate purpose is to push the ‘wall’ further and further away which is achieved...

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